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[Hemp Farming] Flower Tests vs. Milled Tests

Video Transcript

Hey everybody, my name is Fallon with Bonafide Seeds. I wanted to take a couple of minutes out of my day to help clear up some confusion you farmers or potential hemp growers might have about what the differences between a flower test and a milled or a homogenized tests. So both of these are potency tests that happen on a hemp plant.

Okay. And these tests, although they’re testing similar material, can have drastically different results. And oftentimes it can confuse people as to what am I going to expect on the back end of my hemp crop? Okay. A flower test is exactly that. A hemp plant creates flowers along the stock that cap the most potent part of the plant contained within that flower.

Okay. So if I just take a flower off of my hemp plant, dry that flower out and send it in for testing. You’re going to get the highest potency results from that situation, from that testing circumstance. Okay. And a lot of times a strict flower test. I’d say 99.9% of times right now in the hemp industry, a flower test alone for a CBD plant is rarely going to have, if ever, going to have a compliant THC level.

Okay? So I’m going to take an example of one of the plants we’re working with. At Bonafide Seeds right here. It’s a five strain that we’ve got the, we’re actually not offering seeds of this year. It’s a planet. We’re doing more research and development with to help get it exactly how we want it. But for now, I’m going to show you this because it has the most easy to digest examples of what I’m talking about right here.

Okay? So you’ll see in this flower test where we just took a bud. Okay. We’ll have a total cannabinoids of around 23.12 in this strain. Okay. Which is that? That’s really good. Okay. But our THCA is well above the 0.3 threshold. At 0.7 we still don’t have any Delta9 THC, and that’s a great thing, but we have to understand that we can’t sell biomass, or we can’t sell flower product with a 0.7 THCA level because the USDA has said 0.3 is the limit.

Okay? And so we’re kind of following. That 0.3 regulation is closely as we can because we just don’t see a reason not to. Okay. A Miller homogenized tests, it drastically changes the difference. So this Milner homogenized tests that we’re doing, the way we change that is we just cut a branch off of the flowering plant.

Dried entire branch ground, that entire branch together, and that is what creates a milled or homogenized sample. Okay. And obviously the STEM material within that branch is, must let much less potent and cannabinoids than the flower itself is. But because of regulations, it actually becomes a pretty important part of that plant because it dilutes the THC levels down to a compliant range.

Okay. So right, right away you can see. Our CBD got cut down almost in half on a lot of levels, but our THC level did as well. So we went from 23.12 total cannabinoids to 10.27 total cannabinoids. Okay. And the important thing to think about here for all you farmers that are doing things at scale is the ease of the process, okay?

And if you’re farming 10, 20, 100, 200, 500 acres of hemp, when you’re going to harvest dock plant. To just try and harvest flowers off of your hemp plants is going to create more labor than anyone wants anything to do with. Okay. So the reality of big farming, hemp CBD or CBG at the end of the day is going to revolve around, combines coming through and grinding up your hemp stocks with your hemp flowers to create a homogenized sample, because that’s the only way that it functions, right?

You can’t have to hire 10,000 people to come harvest a thousand acres of hemp. There won’t be any money left for you on the backend after the expenses get paid for the harvesting process. So when all things shake out in this industry, big farming with him is going to be harvested via a combine. There’s not going to be flower tests like this that are even going to be relevant.

People that are going to be selling flower in the CBD hemp world, it’s going to have been grown in greenhouses. It’s not going to have been grown in a field. It’s going to have to have a more boutique setting. Because it’s a different product. Okay. People that are growing smokable flower is a different product than people that are growing CBD for extraction purposes on a large farm.

I hope this helps. Send us some questions. We’d love to help you out. Bonafide seeds, Fallon, Hanley hope you’ll have a great day. Cheers.

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