There is a great disparity in Hemp Genetics; choosing which seeds to plant is a big decision. There are many factors beyond CBD oil content that play a critical role in realizing the potential of your hemp crops. At Bonafide Seeds we find the key factor in our customers success is to focus them on fast finishing varieties capable of delivering robust yields of high CBD biomass that will be compliant with total THC measurements under the new USDA rules when tested 15 days before harvest.


The impact latitude has on the hemp growth cycle is very important to understand when choosing a variety that will prosper for you. The northernmost states have summer days that stretch to over 15 ½ hours of sunlight and won’t induce flowering in most hemp varieties until late August; making it important to plant a strain with a short, powerful flowering period in order to beat the frost. In the southern regions of Texas, Arizona and New Mexico the longest days of summer never quite reach 14 hours long, making it important to select an aggressive growing variety and to get planted early for the shorter window to achieve vegetative growth before flowering. Choosing a strain with the optimum vegetative and flowering times for your latitude will enhance yields and reduce late season frost and harvest risk.

Jamaican Lion

A very fast growing strain that thrives in humid and dry climates alike. This strain is highly productive in both weight and CBD oil content given a reasonable vegetative period. The Sativa dominant growth structure produces a high number of smaller sized buds, which enable good airflow and minimizes canopy moisture retention, making it a winner in climates with higher humidity.

Typical plants of this terpene rich variety exhibit strong side branching and steadily unfolding aromas of fruits and haze yielding 1-2 lbs. each. Jamaican Lion is productive for both CBD extraction and top-shelf flower.

Jamaican Lion - Generation F3

  • Height 3 -5 feet
  • Feminization Rate >99%
  • Germination Rate 92% Typical
  • Mature Flower Potency : 16-18%
  • Milled Potency: 8-10% CBD <.3% THC

View or download our Jamaican Lion 2020 1-Sheet here.

Oregon Bubblegum - SOLD OUT

The strain name is very accurate: it smells exactly like bubble gum, with a very sweet, strong scent. A cross of Bazooka Bumble x Pink Bubblegum, Oregon Bubblegum displays a lot of great crystallization in the trichomes with chunky, dense flowers with hints of pink and purple. Oregon Bubblegum has thick branches that hold the plant up without the use of many stakes at all. It is a strong, sturdy plant with heavy yielding sticky buds which show highlights of pink and purple.

It includes terpenes of black cherry and pomegranate and boasts a high CBD content (16%).

Oregon Bubblegum grows well in all environments and finishes flowering in 8 to weeks.

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