Our Company

Honesty, Integrity, and Healthy Plants

What Makes Us Different

At Bonafide Seeds, we work hard to make sure that every clone and seed that we produce is better than the last. It's important to us that our products meet the high standards that our customers demand.

From day one, each hemp plant is meticulously cared for by our team of experts to ensure they yield the highest quality CBD while meeting regulatory standards for CBD-to-THC ratios. We continuously refine our process to make sure each generation is better than the past so that you can look forward to a future of ever increasing hemp seeds and clones to use in your process.

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Our Facilities


Indoor Facility

Our indoor facility is where breeding and development takes place. Here we go through a vigorous plant selection process that includes flowering the hemp indoors and getting state certified lab tests performed on each plant multiple times during the flowering cycle. We keep only the plants with genetic traits that are favorable to producing abundant yields of high CBD low THC flower.

New Mexico

Outdoor Facility

In the field we plant duplicate clones of our single most promising genetic type. From these plants we produce and harvest feminized seeds. Once harvested we take random samples and put them through a rigorous verification process. First the samples are sprouted so we can determine the germination rate. Next a sample of the germinated seedlings is selected and put into flowering to identify the percentage of plants that are female. After this, a sample of these plants is retained and tested multiple times between weeks 2-8 of flowering to gather data on the CBD and THC levels. Once this data has been collected we make it available to those interested in our seeds.

Our Team

Fallon Hanley - CEO of Bonafide Seeds

Fallon Hanley


Fallon boasts 15 years of experience in growing and breeding cannabis and hemp, and managing grows. As a self-taught cannabis specialist, he has bred many of the most productive cannabis strains on the market today. Fallon started building commercial grow spaces in 2009 and has been a part of various cannabis businesses over the past 10 years, ranging from extraction labs to high efficiency indoor growing environments. His expertise with cannabis plants and commitment to the highest standards is a rare trait that is providing Bonafide Seeds with exceptional leadership and superior hemp clones and seeds.

Jeremy Stull - Bonafide Seeds

Jeremy Stull

General Manager

Jeremy has been helping hemp growers for several years as a consultant to greenhouse CBD operations and as the manager of hydroponics wholesaler/retailer Way To Grow’s flagship store since 2011. His deep expertise in grow equipment, operation, watering practices, pest control, cloning, and flowering have been put into use at Bonafide Seeds since November 2018. Those experiences have been instrumental to the crafting of our high quality clones and seeds produced on larger scales. Jeremy also applies his people skills and understanding of growers’ challenges to create close and lasting relationships with Bonafide Seeds customers.